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I translate and and interpret from and into Greek, English, German.

However, please bear in mind that for certified translations only, a document must always be translated from and into Greek, which is an official language of the Republic of Cyprus. For instance, if you need a certified translation from German into English, there must be a double translation, meaning that the document needs to be first translated from German into Greek and then from Greek into English. This applies for certified translations only, not for ordinary translations (without stamp and certification).

For translation, proofreading and editing, the price depends on the number of pages and the number of words on  your document. My prices are based on the official fees of the Register of the Sworn Translators of Cyprus. For interpreting, the price is calculated per hour. You can complete the form to request a quote.

Certified translations are translated documents which end up at  public or private authorities and are used as evidence or supporting documents to determine the outcome of various cases.

The difference between them and the ordinary translations lies in the fact that the translator is required, by placing his/her signature and seal, to assume legal responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the translation.

In Cyprus, only Sworn Translators, registered at the Register of Sworn Translators of the Republic of Cyprus are authorised to provide certified translations from and into Greek.

Find out more details about the Register of Sworn Translators in Cyprus.

Once you have your documents ready for certified translation, you should bring  the original documents to me or scan them and send good quality copies to  my e-mail.

Certified translations are delivered in printed form. The original document or a copy of it should be attached to the translated document.

You can pick up the documents in person or I can send them to you by courier, depending on where you are located.

If it is required, you should ensure that it is included in your documents before you submit them for translation. In Cyprus, you can obtain the Hague Apostille from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or from the district Citizens Service Centres (ΚΕΠ).

All information and documents sent to me or any conversation I interpret remain strictly confidential. I do not communicate, publish, or share any information to any third-party.

I accept payments  via bank transfer, Revolut or cash.