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Types of interpreting 

Conference interpreting

This type of interpreting is used at international conferences where there is more than one working language. Conference interpreting is usually simultaneous interpreting and requires special equipment (booths, microphones, headphones). There is one booth in the room for each working language. Interpreters work in the booths and participants, using special headsets, choose the language they want to hear. Conference interpreting requires special training, development of techniques and knowledge of specialised topics. Moreover, since most conferences are usually long, interpreters work in groups of two and alternate between each other every half hour. This is because interpreting is a highly demanding mental task and regular rotation is necessary to maintain a high level of performance. 

Why choose professional conference interpreting services?
A professional conference interpreter:

Liaison interpreting 

Liaison interpreting is primarily used at business meetings. Liaison interpreting may be offered in commercial negotiations, visits to fairs or other business units, interviews, product presentations, commercial events, meetings, etc.  

Why choose professional liaison interpreting services?

Escort interpreting 

In escort interpreting, the interpreter assists clients  in communicating  effectively in a foreign language and culture. Escort interpreters are cultural liaisons or assistants who guide a client while traveling in a foreign country. These types of interpreters are typically selected for informal settings and can be responsible for everything from touring around town to helping close a critical business deal. It is often used in the following settings: 

Why choose professional escort interpreting services?
Professional escort interpreters:

Modes of interpreting 

In Action!
Watch and listen to me interpreting consecutively live!
Listen to a sample of my simultaneous interpreting from Greek into English!
Whisper interpreting
Listen to a sample of my simultaneous interpreting from English into Greek!
Simultaneous interpreting from Greek into German